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Adaptive Hygiene Service

Green Hygiene Technologies

Hassle Free All-In-One Hygiene Technology


Blue represents the purified air for you to feel the ocean breeze. PURA adapts to indoor air quality, crowded indoor areas or any pre-defined indoor gathering. PURA is always there to keep the air fresh and clean. PURA is the most environmentally friendly air sanitization system, which does not require any filter replacement to remove viruses, bacterias, molds, VOCs and unwanted odors from the air you breathe.


Green represents our residue free, high hygiene standards for all surfaces. PURA detects people and sanitizes all surfaces that people interact with before and after. PURA never forgets! If you’re busy working at your desk, eating your lunch at cafeteria or waiting for your appointment in a waiting area.


Violet is the color of hygiene in nature. Violet power of our sun is in PURA for your floor hygiene! PURA perfectly sanitizes floors regardless of what material they are made of. It is effective on toilet ceramics, epoxy in corridors, even carpets in your office area.


Designed To Be a

Part Of Our Life

PURA has been designed to Co-Exist with people, while it allows people to continue their life, safely. PURA detects a solitary person or crowds and adapts itself accordingly. People are not obstacles for PURA, it is your hygiene partner.

Modular Indoor Robotic Platform

PURA is an ultimate IoT platform thanks to it’s 24/7 seamless connectivity and modular structure that can support various optional specifications such as indoor security, indoor air quality measurement, welcoming services and machine-to-machine interactions.


Health & Care

Waiting Areas

Patient Rooms

Treatment Rooms

Resident Rooms

Utility Functional Rooms,

Entrance Areas

Sanitary Areas



Class Rooms

Day Nurseries

Administration and Welfare Areas

Entrance Areas

Sanitary Areas

Corridors and Hallways


Offices & Public Buildings

Meeting Rooms

Waiting Areas

Open Space Office

Entrance Areas

Corridors and Hallways

Administration and Welfare Areas



Indoor Waiting Areas

Entrance Areas

Sanitary Areas

Corridors and Hallways

Ticket Kiosks


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